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The Traces of the Thracians and their wine

Are you interested in History, in old civilizations, in art?
Have you ever heard about the beauty and the exquisiteness of the Thracian treasures found on the territory of Bulgaria. Do you want to see them?
Do you want to learn more about the history of the ancient Thracians and Thracian kings, about their culture?
Come and enjoy it!


♦ National Museum
♦ Old town of Plovdiv
♦ Belintash -
the ancient sanctuary of the Thracian tribe Besi
♦ Tatul -
the grave of Orpheus
♦ Perperikon -
the ancient Thracian town
♦ Tomb in Alexandrovo
with frescoes dating from the 4 century B.C.
♦ Kazanlak -
the kingdom of the Odrysians
♦ Heroon near Starosel


Day 1. Arrival to Sofia
Transfer and accommodation
Overnight in 4* hotel

Day 2. Sofia 
After breakfast – a visit to the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia with its architectural and historical sites in the center.In the National Historical Museum you will see the gold treasures of the ancient Thracians.
Overnight in 4* hotel

Day 3. Sofia – Plovdiv
After breakfast you will head to Plovdiv,  where you'll spend the day. The town of Plovdiv was called Eumolpia by the Thracians. It was conquered by Philip of Macedon, later by the Romans in the first century A.D. and by the Ottomans in the 14 Century. All these civilizations left their marks on the outlook of the town. In its central part Plovdiv has preserved an unique architectural and historical complex. The Ancient Theatre and the stadium date back to Roman times (2nd century AD), the colorful houses and the multitude of churches – from the Bulgarian National Revival. Wandering along the cobblestone streets you will enjoy the artistic atmosphere of this cozy oasis in an otherwise large and modern city.
In the evening - folklore night.
Overnight in 4* Hotel

Day 4. Plovdiv - Belintash
After breakfast – a trip to Belintash - the impressive rock phenomenon, which hides its secrets fervently. These secret messages start with the sacral code, carved in the Rock sphinx - the guard of the sanctuary. They go through the mysterious altar and end up with the high rock pillars, symbolizing the cult to Sabazios - the god of nature, health and continuation of the human race. You will spend the whole day in the very heart of the Rhodope Mountain, You'll breathe its fresh air, wandering through the green meadows, listening to its legends. You’ll spend the night in a holiday village "Starite kashti"

Day 5. Belintash - Tatul - Perperikon – Haskovo
Your trip will take you to the eastern part of the Rhodope Mountain and your next stop will be the Grave of Orpheus in Tatul. The Thracian sanctuary is one of the most imposing megalithic monuments discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. The sanctuary is a massive rock structure and its top is a truncated pyramid. The complex comprises of two sarcophagi, a rectangular bed for the main altar, and a three-metre-deep well. It dates back to the end of the 5th and the beginning of the 4th centuries BC. For more than a century already, archaeologists have searched for the remains of the famous temple where god Dionysus had an oracle. It is believed that, when made, the discovery will be as important as that of Troy and Mycenae. Very little is known about the temple today and the only thing which is known for sure is that it was in the Holy Rhodope Mountains.
According to latest historical research, the boundary between the Odrysae and the Bessi was in the eastern Rhodope range, east of present day Kardzhali. And this is exactly where the holy city of Perperikon is located! Moreover, Cassius Dio suggests that the Temple of Dionysus was on the border between the two Thracian Kingdoms. Recent archaeological findings tend to confirm the hypothesis that the Temple was indeed at Perperikon.
Drive to Haskovo - the town of the biggest Monument of the Holy Mother of God. Overnight in 4* hotel

Day 6. Haskovo – Kazanlak
This day is devoted to the Valley of the Thracian kings - nowadays called the Rose valley.There are so many monuments, tombs and gold treasures, revealing the material culture and believes of the Thracian tribes of the area. You are going to visit the most important of them and of course won't miss a visit to the Museum of the Rosa Galena Damascena.
Overnight in 4* hotel

Day 7. Kazanlak - Starosel – Hisarya
The Thracian cult complex near the village of Starosel was discovered and excavated by Georgi Kitov (1943-2008) in 2000. It is the largest ever found Thracian royal mausoleum complex. The complex dates back to the V - IV century BC. The Heroon-tomb (called "temple" by Prof. Kitov) has an impressive imposing fence (crepida) of stone blocks, а parade staircase,  acorridor and а religious site. The entrance is paved with slabs of plastic and colored decoration. The Thracians were performing  here secret Orphic rituals, designed to improve and ascend the Thracian king -priest to anthropodemon - a status between human and divine nature.An overnight in Hisarya - a famous recreation center close to Starosel. Wine tasting in the temple of wine in Starosel. The Thracians developed wine producing and drinking to an art and cult.

 Day 8. Hisarya - Sofia

PRICE:  774 EU           
add.payment for SGL  -110 EU

Included in the price: 
► all transport according itinerary
► group transfers from/to Sofia airport
► english speaking guide and guide assistance throughout
► overnights in hotels 3 and 4* - all overnights are based on double (single) rooms with private WC/shower
► breakfast  + 4 dinners (7 days)
► Winetasting and dinner  in Plovdiv
► wine tasting in Starosel
► Bulgarian folklore  evening in Sofia
► all entrance fees
► insurance for the territory of Bulgaria

Not included: 
► meals other than mentioned above
► flight tickets
► Private transfers: Sofia APT - Sofia center: 15 EU
► tips
► alcoholic drinks and other personal expenses. 

Please note that the program on Day 1 and Day 8 is subject to change in connection with flight times (for example it is possible to have your sightseeing tour in Sofia on Day 8, instead on Day 1, if you have purchased tickets with late arrival/ late departure times).
Recommended travel period of the year: March - October