Accord Travel - Varna, Bulgaria 

The Best of Bulgaria

780 EU

If you want to get the first impression of Bulgaria  this is the tour  you have to choose. It includes guided visits to some of the most interesting and characteristic places in our country .

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People, Traditions and Nature - 15 days

1050 EU

Along with the beauty and variety of the Bulgarian nature, passing green valleys, majestic mountains, mysterious rocks and gorges, You'll have the opportunity to get in touch with the soul of the common Bulgarians, with their simple life and their authentic traditions.

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The Traces of the Thracians and their wine

774 EU

Are You interested in History, in old civilizations, in art?
Have You ever heard about the beauty and the exquisiteness of the Thracian treasures found on the territory of Bulgaria. Do You want to see them?

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UNESCO in Bulgaria

913 EU
Are nine sites under UNESCO protection too few or too many for a country?They are many, if situated on a small area – as small as Bulgaria. But few, if this territory can tell the history of the whole European civilization! The oldest gold treasure on earth which dates back to the V millennium BC was discovered in Bulgaria.
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The silent world of the monasteries

890 EU
Experience the atmosphere of Bulgarian monasteries!
This tour is not just a circuit of some of the most interesting Bulgarian monasteries (There are 160 monasteries in Bulgaria).  It is also a journey through Bulgaria's history, since all of the featured religious buildings are monuments of everything that happened in Bulgaria over the last 1000 years
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